Workers Day Special

It is important that we as individual see agriculture as a business, not just a way of live. Very few Nigerians know that fruits like strawberry, blueberries and Raspberry can actually do well when planted in any part of the country, and give them enough returns. Sadly enough, to setup this garden require little capital, and no space consumption as we can use the hanging system. It is also important that one can make a fortune from this plants.
In Lagos a kg of strawberry goes for three thousand five hundred naira, while in Portharcout, it goes for about six thousand naira.
Just imagine making then kg weekly and selling it, count the money call coming in.
For a very long time, in a bid to encourage Nigerians grow this fruit we have been organising a part promo,are giving out our strawberry seedling for size hundred and fifty naira, while our stand of Raspberry and Blueberries gods for nine hundred and eight hundred naira respectively.

Benefits of Buying Form:

We help you setup your garden free.
We offer technical and after sales support.
We will assist in sales of the produce.
No hodden charges as price cover both cost of logistics.
We will aid in provision of nutrients and manure.

Promo ending date has been shifted to fifth of May this year. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Note: Minimum order is fifty stands, but items can be mixed with strawberry, raspberry and blueberry.

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