Women in Agriculture: What herders told me before destroying my crops — Farmer

Namoi Yusuf of Nasarawa State says the government needs to act fast to save small-scale farmers from hunger amid growing insecurity.

Namoi Yusuf is a smallholder farmer in Toto community of Nasarawa State . She cultivates cassava, maize, melon, and groundnuts. She has been a farmer for 30 years.

In this episode of our Women in Agriculture, Ms Yusuf shares an interesting story of how herders attacked her on her farm.

PT: You are not an indigene of this community, where were you farming before you migrated to Toto?

Ms Yusuf: When I was in Kogi, I was not farming, I was a housewife. I just fetch firewood and do house chores. Sometimes, I talk with my fellow women.

PT: After you moved, how were you able to get land for your farming activities?

Ms Yusuf: The first place I lived in Toto, I met some women who were farmers. One day during my conversation with one of the women, she asked if I could join her in farming, but I told her I didn’t have any land. But she offered me a little portion. I followed her to the farm and she showed me where to plant. She later died.

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