Women in Agriculture: How herders set my cashew farm on fire – Farmer

Bolanle Titilola says she lost about N15 million and could not recover it.

Bolanle Titilola is the chief executive officer of Mayegun Agribiz. She owns a cashew plantation in Oyo State, where she cultivates soybeans and maize to complement the cashew farm.

In this episode of our Women in Agriculture, she bares her mind on how she lost her crops to herders.

PT: Can you put us through your journey in agriculture?

Ms Titilola: I started practicing Agriculture in 2017. I actually wanted to do it when I was in secondary school. I studied Agricultural Economics at the University with the hope of working with farmers. Upon graduation, there was no job but I wanted to work in a very big agric firm so I can learn before I save money and start my own. Unfortunately I couldn’t.

So, someone advised me to apply for a bank job, I did and I got it. Apparently, I forgot agriculture. I left the bank after 23 years. When I left the bank, my mind didn’t go to Agriculture, I was thinking of getting a Masters degree in Education. My husband suggested I go for Economics, which I considered because it was not bad, but when I got there, the department said my result was too old, I was pissed off.

Someone then introduced me to another course. It was during my masters that the idea came back to me, to go into agriculture. Fortunately for me, my husband bought land 12 years before then but the location was far away. After some time, I considered using it because it was going to be difficult to get such size of land in an urban space, to do the kind of farming I wanted to practice.

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