Why stockfish should remain important in Nigerian cuisine


Stockfish has become an important component/ingredient in Nigerian meals. This seafood has high nutritional benefits in addition to the widely appreciated taste. Intriguingly, stockfish has a history beyond the product itself. Producing the perfect stockfish is an art. It involves first-class craftsmanship and expertise, as well as the very forces of nature itself.

Nigeria and Norway have long traditions in working together in several ways and this include the importation of stockfish which started as far back as the 1890s. Over the years, as part of the knowledge expansion and awareness of the product in the country, the Norwegian Seafood Council has carried out various seminars, workshops, seafood festivals and a distinctive chef training workshop.

During a recent event at the Muson Center, Lagos, the council showcased the fusion of parts of the stockfish opera with the performance of Nigerian Cultural Dancers and Artists. This was followed by a seafood dinner.

Speaking at the 2021 sensitisation and awareness seminar on food safety organised by the Norwegian Seafood Council in Lagos, the Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Policy, Mr Bojmar Skjaran, called on the Nigerian Government to remove stockfish from the list of the 43 items that were restricted from accessing foreign exchange.

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