Why Nigeria, others should focus on innovation to boost crop yield


The 2021 Africa Agriculture status report has revealed that Nigeria and other sub-Saharan African countries witnessed the most rapid agricultural production growth of 4.3 per cent in the last 20 years, more than other regions globally.

It, however, revealed that three-quarters of the growth was driven by the expansion of cropland rather than an increase in yield, saying with Africa’s population expected to double to nearly a 2.5billion by 2050, there was a need to put in steps in place to increase production without compromising the continent’s natural resources.

The 2021 Africa Agriculture Status Report unveiled at the ongoing Africa Green Revolution (AGRF) summit revealed that while 75 per cent of sub-Saharan Africa’s rapid agriculture growth rate was driven by the rapid expansion of cropped area, only 25 per cent was driven by yield growth.

The report stated that to achieve resilience and sustainable growth, countries in the region have to shift towards sustainable and diverse yield-driven growth, focused on raising farm productivity on existing farmland.

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