Who Are We? And What Do We Have To Offer?

Hello house just as we are enjoying this season with of love let us do the needfull!
We are we?
We are CheapMarketDeal.
What do we have to offer?
We specialize in the sales of food stuffs like beans, onions, yams, soya beans Mellon, cocoyam, palm oil, strawberries, etc.
Do we serve Nigeria?
Yes! We have specialized means of distribution that help in the circulation of this good nation wide.
Do we have other products?
Yes we also help in sourcing goods for export such as millet, bitter kola etc.
How do we contact you people?
Call or WhatsApp 08134700705
Follow us on Facebook

Twitter: Twitter.com/9jacheapmarket
IG: Instagram.com/CheapMarketDeal
Google: CheapMarketDeal
Do you people teach?
Yes! We offer specialized classes to those who want to learn about food business both online and offline.
We look forward to doing business with you!!

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