Which of these will you take out?

Yummy dishes for days! :dancer: The stomach always wants what it wants. Right @Everybody?

We want to know…If you have all these dishes on a table and one has to go, which will you take out first?



Lawal Suleiman Katcha

The 1st one. You could have labelled them

Noodles will go instantly

I’ll take out beans first.

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I’ll take out Noddles

Beans and Bread. That food is something else.

Spaghtic and noodle will go first

I’ll take Rice first before any other food.

Fried rice look yummy

I’m definitely taking out noodles.

I would take out noodles… Feel they are nutrient dense, but not the right ones. Spaghetti can be made out of different types of flour so don’t mind it with a very rich sauce.

Noodles! 1st thing 1st.

Noodles now. In fact we needs it?

Spaghetti first! Don’t like the look of this

Rice, spaghetti and noodles

Beans with all pleasures

Greetings Agricsquare, I am Echema Ebubechukwu Kelvin. Rice is preferable by me.

Hi Agricsquare, I need a full details on how to hatch and fatelize cat fish or rather details of having a fish pond. Thanks.

Spaghetti, i really don’t like it, the look itself is discouraging