What’s Your Favourite Street Food?


When you hear of street food, what comes to your mind? I’ll tell you what comes to my mind…

Street food is ready-to-eat food items sold by a hawker, or vendor, in a street or other public places majorly at every street junction or road side.

There is so much love for street food in Nigeria despite the numerous restaurants with luxury foods to impress Nigerians, they still cling to street foods likes it’s their lifeline… Or isn’t it?


Street foods are low-priced, handy (can be eaten on the go), tasty and always give an unforgettable culinary experience.


But before then, let’s talk about the best delicious street foods that offers unique local taste:

1. Akara

Akara also known as bean cakes, beans balls or Acaraje in Portuguese is a ground bean, turned into a fried cake. Made from beans and other ingredients like pepper, onions and other things that you may wish to add.

2. Puff-Puff

Any true Nigeria already knows by now that puff puff is a signature of street foods and always include on the item of every owambe party, still don’t know why. It is also one of Nigeria easiest snacks to make.

3. Roasted or Boiled Corn

Roasted or Boiled Corn Also known as maize is a seasonal food in Nigeria we can rarely resist… You will be sure to find sellers at every street junction selling this. Corn are always roasted or boiled and sold with coconut or pear (popularly known as Ube).

4. Suya

Suya is a spicy meat skewer which is very popular in West Africa and sold “at night”. Mostly prepared by the Hausa people of northern Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, and some parts of Sudan. Suya is made from beef, lamb, chicken and some inner part such as kidney, and liver. Why it is sold at night, we still don’t know…

5. Ewa Agoyin and Agege Bread:

Ewa Agoyin is mushy beans with sweet and smoky palm oil stew… I can perceive the aroma already… Ewa is a Yoruba word for beans and Agoyin is a name used by Lagosians to describe people from Ghana, Togo, and Benin Republic.

Just like the ‘meal of contention’ Jollof rice, didn’t originate from Nigeria. It belongs to the Togolese, Ghanaian, and Beninese people of West Africa, but is more peculiar to the Togolese and Cotonou people.

6. Boiled Groundnut:

Who doesn’t love boiled groundnut? This is a popular street food in Nigeria. It is usually boiled with salt, which makes them more tasty. They are available everywhere and you will find groundnuts sellers on the roads…etc

7. Boli

Boli is a popular and delicious Nigeria street food, sold at almost every street corner/junction. People always say that the combination of Boli and Epa is heavenly but I think it is sweeter when served with pepper sauce and roasted fish…

Others include: Moi Moi, Abacha, Wanke rice and fish, Walnut
and Chips. @Everybody let’s know your favourite street food and why. Leave your answers in the comment box.

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Puff Puff as always. I love it but it needs to be prepared right :slight_smile:

However are there side effects to eating too much of it

Sharwama, Boli and fish, boiled corn and pear :smile::smile: yummy, yummy, yummy/…

suya and boli. na dem.

Ewa agoyin and bread or yam

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Puff puff & roasted corn

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My favorite street food is roasted plantain


Akara, bread & beans plus boli


wow I am salivating already.

Love all of them but have to go easy.

I will pick boiled groundnuts anyday. Especially in traffic. Next comes suya and then boli.

Agoin beans is eaten as a proper meal at home.


Ewa agoiny and bread

Akara bean cake. Fast food that goes with bread



My street food is fried yam and suya

Boli is my favourite.

My own are KILISHI and FURA, kilishi is also type of Suya which is more sweet than normal Suya you know is made with beef and grounded groundnut cake While FURA is made from millet and it looks like small ball before turning it to liquid together with cow milk, if you take it with cold water you will forget your way to house

Love these street food

  1. Boli

  2. Ewa Agoin with Bread

  3. Boiled or Roasted Corn

  4. Suya

  5. Puff puff

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Groundnut,boli and garden egg

Boli and ewa suya and groundnut

Roasted maize and Suya

Yasss! Gala is another option especially during traffic.:grinning::grinning: