What are Drivers Critical to Developing the ValueChain of Exotic Vegetables

If you take a walk from my house to the bus station, you would count a total of 97 shawarma spots - I know because I counted. Shawarma has fast become a staple snack with many touting it as “healthy food” ( of course this is debatable), perhaps because it’s recipe consist of exotic vegetables such as #cabbage #carrots #cucumber , tomato and onions commonly grown in Nothern Nigeria.

These vegetables are termed exotic because they are species of vegetables that are not indigenous to #Nigeria . They are cultivated in the temperate regions of the world, but what does the surge in Shawarma spots mean for smallholder farmers? “the demand outweighs supply”

Production of these vegetables in small scale can financially empower #smallscale #farmers . The income of these farmers which logically should be on the high side given the demand remains nothing to live on. These crops are consumed in the Southern part of Nigeria and produced in the Northern part of the country, this situation has led to prohibitive prices owing to the imputed cost of transportation - This is one of the problems and there are many more.

#production #distribution #profitmargins and the development of some these #valuechains are critical to #endingpoverty and #hunger .

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