What a farmer means

Some people mostly youths who are not students of agriculture or whos have no knowledge of agriculture give the word "FARMER"wrong meaning and interpretation which make them and other people feel shy to be called as farmers.
A farmer does not reffer to only males or a person leaving in rural area only.
A farmer does not means an old person or a poor and village person wearing a shabby and diety clothes, having calloused due to farm labour.
A farmer does not means only a person who farm by himself, likewise. A farmer also does not only means someone who took a hoe and other farm tools and carry out farming activities himself in the farm.
A farmer also doest not only means a person that grow crops. As some of our youths though is.
Note, the word farmer means:
A farmer is any person that carry out any of the agricultural activities like growing of crops,rearing of poultry, fish or livestock either subsistance or for commercial purpose, carry it out himself or asign/hire or pay some one to manage it for him is reffer to as a farmer.
The word farmer indicate a person male or female who engage into any agricultural practice for his/her own consumption or for commercial or for both.He/she either carry it out him/her self or pay for someone to do it for him/her used by either simple tools or machineries inrespect of who is he/her, his/her age,wealth and knowledge.
Therefor you the reader and i the writter as well as any other person ones we engage ourself into agricultural practice we can be called a farmers. Any other person who did so is also called a farmer.