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Wow!!! Really???We are so proud of you and your friends… :clap::clap::clap:


Being doing well though I have lost 5 birds out of 51. And I guess dat happened as a result of temperature instability and power instability


Oh… Sorry about that… What did you do stabilize the issue to avoid a repetition?


I just created artificial warmth with stove and use lantern as lighten when there is power outage. Well they are 2weeks and 2 days old today and they are doing fine


That’s such great news then!!! :clap::clap::clap: Weldone!


Thank you I really appreciate this great job u r doing serves as a kind of motivation I will say


Always welcome Sir… :blush:


Am Jimoh bisiriyu kayode a cocoa and banana farmer from ile ife Osun state… Am happy to be part of this family


Welcome Welcome @Kademhor,:hugs::hugs:

How has it been growing Cocoa and Banana?


been good but not kinda easy with monitoring and clearing of the bushes around i just wish for success and long life to eat the food i laboured for


Am Durojaye Adebare

Am getting intrigued with all aspects but late last year I tried getting into garden egg planting, hope you know more about it? I’ll be available for any teaching and really wanna learn more.

Am in Lagos.

Can’t be sure exactly but I think it’s from Instagram.



You will. Definitely… Weldone. We love beautiful farm stories. :raised_hands::raised_hands:


Wow!!! We love this… Welcome to Agricsquare!! :hugs::hugs:

We have an article we think you can learn from:


Maize farming and poultry. Name Hassan Isyaku


My name is Sekoni oluwakemi. I’m an Agripreneur. I’m into livestock and cash crop farming. Majorly local rice (ofada rice), veggies, coconut, layers to for egg, broilers for meat, and turkey as well. I cake across agricsquare on Facebook. It’s been worth it been a member of this community. I’m glad to be here…


Also whenever harvest is close how can I advertise and market the produce through this community? Thank you


Hi TechFarmer,

Thanks for reaching out. Hope you are great today?

I am interested in a profitable Agric Venture that wouldn’t necessarily require physical presence.

In otherwords, the business can be monitored online with occasional visits(optional) for atleast the first 3-5yrs of partnership.

Any Ideas? If there are, at what monetary range and value?

I anticipate your feedback. Please revert ASAP.

Warm Regards,


My name is Jesupelumi.

I learnt about Agricsquare via email. I’m particularly interested in poultry and groundnuts.

Hope to learn more about the business of agriculture.

Thank you :blush:


Wow!! Welcome Hassan… How long have you been a farmer?
Lets give you a few articles we have published on these types of farms…

Kindly like, drop a comment and share when you’re done reading… :hugs:


Wow… Welcome Oluwakemi, How long have you been a farmer?