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My names are Eze Nelson francis. I am very happy to be a member of this community, Agricsquare infact am so blessed. I came to meet this community through social media facebook.


We are happier to have you here with us. :partying_face::partying_face:

Do you own a farm? What aspect of agriculture are you interested in?


Interesting. Have you started one before?


Good day,my name is oladipo oluwakemi i got to know about agricsquare from a post on facebook. Am intrested in coco farming and poultry.thank youuuu.


Hi @Anita You’re most welcome …

Here are articles that can help


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My name isAbubakar Abdullahi,I got to know agric square community through a direct invitation and am glad and proud to be on this platform.

Am an investment,marketing and agric business consultant,as well a agric Technology and services provider,especially controlled environment Agriculture (AKA protected Agriculture/Green house).

As accompany,our vision and mission is to transform horticultural land scape that has for along time been neglected in Africa but with special emphasis to Nigeria and Ghana as a start and the rest of Africa therefrom. The intention is creat a horticultural industry in each country in Africa.
Am glad to know that this community has access to grants,this means we could create Agricultural entrepreneurship incubation centres for youth and women empowerment.


Definitely!!! Definitely!! We have alot here for you and everyone else… Thanks for signing up.


Thanks I am olayinka Afariogun am a Trainer( Poultry …, rearing of Broilers & Pullets) and into general farming,… Palm ,pawpaw, ugu farming.


I am Samuel Atilola Falowo of RehobothAgric. A graduate of Animal Production and Health, capped with MSc Animal Science (Animal Production and Health). My area of specialisation is small ruminants with personal interest in poultry, snail and bee farming.


I got to know about agricsquare through my mail box. Its a good and educative program. Can you give me any infos on grans available at the moment for farmers?.


Hi, my name is Reuben Damina, i got an email this morning inviting me to join Agrosquare which i did. I am so interested in poultry farming and i hope this platform will enable me get loans or grands to enable me actualize my poultry farming dreams.


My name is Ogundele Taiwo Rafiu. Studied Business Administration in the University of Ilorin. Found out about Agricsquare on social media. My interest in Agriculture is Animal farming and cash crop farming


Wow!!! This is so nice @olayinkabayoyemi.

How has it been combining these different crops so far? Any challenges?


Nice one. Welcome @RehobothAgric to Agricsquare.

Have you kickstarted your livestock farming yet? Would you need any help with articles you could read?


Hello @phyllis.diaso, welcome to Agricsquare. Thank you so much for your kind words. You can check through our Agriculture Funds below for available funds.


Oh definitely. We have this covered. We have articles that can guide you through:


Nice one @ooluwawemimo, have you started the farm already?


Currently am a youth and am running a poultry farm behind my lodge here in Rivers but I will start fully when I am done with my NYSC



Reading through the previous discussions, comments & responses has been so admirable & worthy of commendation.

Thank you for this platform & the enormous amount of resources you & your team has putted into this work.

I am Oluwaseun, an Agricultural Engineer. A discipline i do love to make the most of.

I have had the opportunity of raising a few crops (pepper, tomatoes, corn, & yam) and livestock (birds) over the years.
My area of interest encompasses every aspect of agriculture as an Agricultural Engineer, but as of now, myself & some friends do have a vegetable farm (where we planted uwgu / ugu, ewedu, & some green) and a few livestock (rabbit & grasscutter) which are all work in progress.

I’m presently at Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

And I’m glad to have joined this platform.

I really don’t recall how i got to know about this community but this one i’m sure of; that i will be telling my friends about #Agricsquare & i guess they will love it.

Thank you once more & well done.

The very Best.

Hey are pics of the said field.


Wow!!! We can’t wait to see how this blossoms!! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

How has it been with your poultry farm?