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Thank you for this feedback. Honestly it has not been easy but I am grateful to God for the move. Being my first time in commercial agriculture, I’m learning on the job and asking relevant questions from older farmers.
Anyway I just got registered with the Nigerian Cassava Growers Association (Enugu state branch). I want to process my cassava into starch but I’m still very open to other suggestions from you that will help me in agro-business.
I appreciate your time and efforts on this forum.
God bless


Hi @Cubi thank you for the positive feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow…nice one… Well, here is an article that can also help

Sure, we’ll be glad to help …You can go through the following articles:

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Hi, I’m Fatai Adele, I’m an engineering student but an Agricultural enthusiast. I learnt about Agricsquare while reading an old post on Farmcrowdy’s blog. I’ll love to really understand the techniques (Do’s and Don’ts) used by different food crop farmers to increase food productivity. Anyone with much experience in this will be really helpful.


I’m Akinduro Emmanuel opeyemi. A student of agriculture extension and communication technology, FUTA. I got to know about agricsquare through my HIOS launcher advert.


My name is Babalola Oluwole,am in interested in poultry farming and cultivation


Hi @Olubabs You’re welcome… Here are few articles that can help with poultry farming

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow!!..You’re welcome @Dharmie , what aspect of agriculture are you interested in?


Agric in general. Animal and crop production


Nice one @Dharmie , you can check #talks-on-agriculture for more information on animal and crop production.


I’m Samuel Oluwakemi, i got to know about Agricsquare from Facebook.


My name is Koledowo Kasirat, am a graduate of Agricultural Science from FUNAAB. I got to know AgricSquare from facebook page


Hi Oluwakemi, Welcome here to Agricsquare… what area of agriculture are you interested in? We would love to help?


Hello @Kasirat, Welcome to Agricsquare.

We love to work with students studying agriculture all over the country as we have visited a few universities in the past.
Would you love us to visit FUNAAB?

What area of agriculture are you involved or interested in?


I’m Lekan, got to know Agricsquare via social media. Love this arena, good info n ideas. Thanks


I am Promise and interested in poultry, want to know how to get fund for the project, i know about Agricsquare from facebook


Welcome Lekan :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

What area of agriculture are you interested in? :blush:


Wow!! Welcome Promise… We are always here to help… Here are a few articles that can guide the answers you seek:


Hi I’m Festus Kyeleve a graduate of University of Agriculture Makurdi Benue State Nigeria. I read B.Agric Plant Breeding and Seed science. I know of Agricsquare from Facebook. I am interested in Sorghum production and how to get grant and market.


Oh cool…


My interest is mainly into arable farming with livestock