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Good write up. Am a snail farmer, it is not advisable to pick snails from the forest for intending farmers. It reduces d productivity and adjusting to New environment distort a lot of things in their system.
It is advisable to get your breeding stock from snail farmers…

And noteworthy is that it’s a good source of income but not a quick way


Am Oluwadamilare Tobiloba, a farmer (crop and animals (snail)). Got to know about this group on social media…
Willing to learn a lot from this group. Thanks for having me here




Thank You Esther! We would reach out soon.


My name is mulero boluwaji. I got to know about agricsquare through facebook. Will like to know and receive updates on livestock production and means to access loan for the business.


Hello, my name is Maximus. I have an intention of commencing shortly the production of cassava and vegetables (green, ugwu etc) for commercial purposes. I came across this community on Facebook and I am really excited about joining. I look forward to benefiting from the opportunities this community offers especially to young start-up farmers like myself. I also look forward to being a positive contributor to the development of this community


Uzoka, Chukwuma N
I am a poultry farmer, & also interested in extending to plantation
I learnt of Agricsquare on Facebook & cos I love things about agriculture I decided to follow the link…
I hope to have much knowledge & privilege of being a member of this forum…


Welcome… You will be getting these updates… Just hang on to the page… We gatchu’


Hey Maximus,

Awesome decision!!! We are glad you followed through and signed up. Do you have a farm? If you do, you should participate in our #Show-Off-Your-Farm

Definitely… Let me take you through some of the very interesting articles we have here;

Do share and drop a comment…


Great idea too… Here are some articles I know can kickstart this:

Do read, share and drop a comment.


I’m interested on this snail business


Am Oyedeji ifeoluwa
I got to know about agricsquare via my Facebook page
Am interested in poultry farming


Wow… Really? We could help kick start your journey with this article;

Do read and share too… :hugs:


Nice Nice… Let’s help you start this journey:

Do read, read and share.


I’m Godwin Ukoh, a graduate of Animal Science from University of Uyo. I got to know about agrcisquare via advert on operamini


My name is IRAWO KABIRU AYOTUNDE. I saw an ad on Facebook about agricsquare and I will love to know more about the brand. I’m a graduate of agricultural extension and rural development in LAUTECH. Good to be here


I’m Chukwuemeka IJOMA, I saw the link on Facebook. I resigned from my job as a construction project manager to venture into agriculture as a full time farmer. I already have a 9 ha cassava farm in Enugu. Thank you.


:clap::clap::clap::clap: Wow!! Welcome. How about we get more students in your school to register to join this community, as there is a lot in here for them…? Kindly drop your mail and possibly a phone number where we can talk more on this.

Meanwhile, What area of agriculture interests you?


Welcome @Irawo, one phrase you should have in mind when you think about the brand, Agricsquare, is that “We are the one stop hub for everything agriculture.” So you’re in the right place.

We would love to get more students in your school to register to join this community as there is a lot in it for them… Kindly drop your mail and possibly a phone number where we can talk more on this.


Wow!!! :clap::clap::clap: That is a brave move there. How has it been working and owing your own farm?