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Samaila Jairus,
Access & agric loan.

I heard about you on the social media, and I’m so interested it is, and I see aquireness in it.

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Thank you for the information on Agro business.

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Thank you for accepting me.
I’m new and a beginner cassava farmer.

It has not been easy.

And I’m still struggling.

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My name is Victor Oshin. I am interested in general agriculture. I met this forum via Facebook.

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I want to export Falkor Red and green Pepper

Please advice for packaging and customers


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Hello @balaisa97, welcome to the community :clap: :clap: good to have you here. Just because you’re into maize farming, here are some already published articles that am sure you would be interested in. Read below:

Let’s know if this was helpful.

Welcome @Are_Olubunmi, good to have you on board. Here are some articles concerning loan you would love to read:

I hope this helps…Feel free to ask more assistance.

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Good evening sir, I got to know about your group from my Facebook page, and I am impressed by the activities of your organization.
My interest is in supply of grains to feed mills and agro industries. How would your organization be of assistance to me to enable me increase and expand my scope of business

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Many thanks

Best wishes

Mrs Zainab Esuga

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Am learning the hoops and loops of farming but we are getting there. Am into crops like beans,millet, groundnut. For now but hoping to start my palm plantation

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Kindly reinstate me. I erroneously unsubscribed this morning. Thank you.

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Sweet potato for sale fresh from the farm contact me if interested!


Good day everyone, currently seeking buyers for my sweet potatoes

My name is Abubakar Ibrahim, I have large farm of cassava for sale. I need serious buyer. 08036357173

You’re welcome… :blush::blush::blush:

Oh great, @Godisfaithful is also into fish farming… :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow!! Great feedback. You’re welcome… Would you want us to share any specific article with you?

Oh wow… Can we help with any information? What challenges have you been facing so far…?

Thank you for this feedback… :slightly_smiling_face:

What do yu need specifically? Do you need buyers for these grains?

Awesome… We have articles for all of this topics if you need more information on them… :relaxed:

Hello @Everybody, Welcome back from the long hols…

Y’all know we love to share agro-business deals for anyone who needs it… Yeaaaah!!
@Raji1 has got Sweet potatoes for sale and @Lucky4U has got cassava for sales too. Need any of these food items? Please contact them.