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Hello @calebfiyin…Welcome to Agricsquare :tada::tada:, we have some already published articles on castor and cattle farming to guide you better. Read through below


Hello Matthew,

What is your business idea?

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Hi Tessy,

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Here are a few of them;

  • Farmcrowdy
  • Farmgate

These ones are legit and can be trusted.

hello I’m Rogerkay.
I have been looking for how to connect with other enthusiast farmer for long. I jxt bumped into the ad in the truecaller app.
I’m interested in plantain, potato and snail farming.

Hello @Rogerkay. Welcome to the community, we have some already published articles that can guide you better. Read below

Feel free to reach out for more information…:+1:

So how do we go about the grant aspect as I have a pool of 100 graduate youth interested in Greenhouse farming using our EnviroDome ventilation systems green houses

@aidaagroalliedservic Have you read through our Agriculture funds categories? If no, please do and also check out the following :

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Hello @FAR-TECH , You can kick start by introducing yourself here :slightly_smiling_face: . You can also read through some of the posts below:

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Good afternoon I’m mayowa please I need info on how to set up a pig pen and rearing of snail in ekiti state.

Hello @Mayor-king We have some already published articles that might be of help. Read below:

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My name is Judith, live in abuja, and I am a the CEO of Ebi’s kitchen, an outdoor catering service provider and an advocate for Healthy and Nutritious Diet (organic food) , affordable food for all, Food safety and hygienic practice in the catering industry to see a world of #Zerohuger.
I was invited by a friend. Thank you

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Hello @jogungrando. Welcome to the community, glad to have you here :slightly_smiling_face:…Feel free to reach out for any assistance.

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My name is Charles Onyeani. I came across this platform on internet. I have passion for poultry and fish farming. I am just hindered by fund land.

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Hello @jogungrando, :slightly_smiling_face: Welcome to Agricsquare.

What would you love to learn as regards agriculture and food? I could guide you through some articles here.:slightly_smiling_face:

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We understand. Have you considered starting small?

Hi. I like to learn and know more on food related matters, such as: programs for food vendors, free training/ course in food safety, funds / grants for people in the catering or food industry. Thank you

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Hello @onyeanicharles check out the following articles for better guidance:

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You’re definitely in the right page for this. Also, visit our media page on www.agricsquare.com to see some of the funds available now that you can apply for.

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Am Onah Patience Ifeoma. I came across this community on Facebook. I studied Agricultural Economics. I want to venture into poultry breeding farm, I need information about the business.

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