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@Halleluyah Good to have you here…Enjoy!

My name is Oreoluwa Ipinmoroti. I received an email from OKEY. This is a wonderful initiative. Happy to be here.

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@PreciousOkhimamheO thanks all for welcoming me into this wonderful community. How does this platform help someone that is interested in agriculture but he/she is working as well and had limited time to go into farming proper.

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So how did u get ur start up snail… And where is ur farm located.?
I need more insights


Am sourcing agent for agro commodity.when there is available market for it.How do I link to local farmers as well foreign buyers.
Henry Okusare.

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I am Paschal really can’t wait to talk with the young man by moro

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Please let want to start piggery
farm but no money

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Hello All,
It is nice being a member of this community, even though I am a journalist by training and practice, I have since embraced Agriculture as I run a 45 minutes program on radio once every week. The program is known as “Agriculture & You” and it runs on Inspiration 105.9 FM, Uyo every Thursday at 11am prompt. I am interested in livestock farming especially poultry and native goat farming for now but willing to go into crop farming especially pumpkins and plantain plantation, thank you.

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Welcome Welcome @Monepoly

Hey Tessy, As long as you are interested in Agriculture, then you have something to learn from being a part of the community :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

We can direct you to trusted agricultural investment companies you can invest in or provide articles that can help you on your Agri business journey…

Hello @Heritagefarm100, We have an article that can provide the best answer for this question:

Let us know if this was helpful… :grinning:

Oh wow!! Dr. Emmanuel Ijewere is having the online session right now. You can go join in via the link below:

Oh wow!! @samuakpa01, This is nice to read. :slightly_smiling_face: We would be privileged to join you on your radio show someday so more people can get to know about this amazing online agric community we are building :smiley::smiley:

In other news, these are some articles that can help you:

thanks for welcoming me here. My name is Akinola Oladipupo. im highly interested in high crops such as palm tree, palm oil, cashew trees. But that won’t stop me from learning from sectors like fisheries, ugwu production and snail farming.

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Good to have you here @bugashi…Let’s share some articles to guide you

Read through… I hope this helps. :+1:

Hi.My name is Bidemi Abdulai. To my great delight, i stumbled on Agricsquare on facebook. I’m know nothing about agriculture but would love to go into it full time. How can i be helped, please.?

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Hello @Biddy…Welcome to Agricsquare, good to have you here. What areas in agriculture are you interested in?

Hello Bugashi,

Welcome to the community… :blush: Have you got a farm?

Akanbi Olabisi Matthew got you through facebook on the time, hoping to get support for my business idea through this platform. Happy to be here!!!

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Hi, Trust you are doing great? Please can you direct me to trusted agricultural investment company…

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