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Oh wow!!! Welcome Ayodeji Gbewesa.

Here are a few articles on Pig Farming that might interest you… Click, read, share and remember to drop a comment…

Welcome again… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for welcoming me to Agricsquare.
I’m Stella Adetunji, an organic container farmer with a major interest in germinating vegetable and fruit seeds into seedlings to feed home and school gardens - land space available or not. Right now, I’m in a partnership promoting and creating awareness for agro clubs for students and stay-at-home mums in Lagos and Abuja through training and consulting; as well as practical inputs that would enable income generation via Agribusiness. So we’re in search of funds through grants or agric loans. Please can Agricsquare help us with such information or process?

Also, I’m currently involved in a crowd-funded pumpkin (ugwu) farm in Ogun State. I’m the Admin on the project, and the first payout to our investors is scheduled for January 2019. We’re strategizing our sales for local and international markets. Please what promotional assistance can be expected from Agricsquare?

I look forward to making contributions and a great time in this group.

Thank you.

Hello Stella Adetunji, you are welcome once more to agricsquare community!

Agricsquare is a media platform and also a community of agric enthusiasts, experts and agric business owners focused on getting the best and latest information in the world of agriculture including agric jobs, agric funds, investment opportunities, agric news, agric awards, agric innovations in Africa and the rest of the world.

Concerning the grants, we would help connect you to all the current and relevant funds news

You can access them here on our media page using this link https://www.agricsquare.com/Fund

Would you mind been a guest on our farmer advice series to tell us about the crowd-funded pumpkin.

The farmer Advice series is an aspect of Agricsquare that’s meant to address the

knowledge gap in agriculture especially amongst our youth.

It features the brightest minds in the agricultural space and also creates room

for networking.

Here is the link to a previous series: Challenges of Nigerian Youth in Agriculture

Should this interest you, you can send me a mail containing your Bio and a headshot image to oke.ukaigwe@agricsquare.com

Meanwhile you can qualify to get your farm promoted by joining our “Show-Case Your Farm” contest!!

Here the link to it About the Show-Off-Your-Farm category

My name is Sandra i got to know about AgricSquare through a friend and with what i am seeing i am sure i wont regret joining this community. I am intrested in knowing more about fish farming and plantain cultivation. thanks


You are very welcome @alexandra_nwosu !

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Hi @alexandra_nwosu Welcome, Welcome Welcome home to Agricsquare… Just as a welcome pack, here are a few articles we have on fish and plantain farming you might find useful:

Read, read, drop a comment and remember to share.

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Absolutely… We are proud of being farmers in every way…

Can you take a minute to introduce yourself and what aspect of agriculture you’re interested in?

Hello Okechukwu,
Top of the day to you.

I shall surely connect with the links you’ve provided to get more informed and take necessary actions.

However, concerning the crowd-funded ugu farm, I would rather my Principal takes on your request. Thus I shall forward your mail to her.

She’s Mrs. Sola Salako-Ajulo. She would be in a better position to respond and participate in the forum.

Thank you very much.


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Thank you @stelladetunji !. I look forward to hearing from Mrs. Sola Salako-Ajulo. I’m so curious to know how you crowdfund an ugu farm and I’m sure @Everybody would love to know how too. Thank you again for coming onboard and i hope you get the right answers(funds) to your request here.

My name is Ify, I got to know about Agricsquare from an email. No quite sure who the sender is @PreciousOkhimamheO. I think I will love the community. For now, i am not doing anything agricultural, but I would definitely want to be involved in either cassava farming or snail farming or both. Thank you for inviting me.

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Oh wow… Welcome to Agricsquare and thanks for clicking through the mail! Everyone starts from the very beginning so I’ll help by sharing a few articles that can guide you when you finally decide to start farming.
Cassava Farming

For Snail Farming:

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Good day, I got to know of Agric square from Facebook, learnt you hold a conference at Yabatech, I’m an Agric student (Bsc. Crop Science in view) Hope you visit my school one day… Usmanu Dan Fodiyo University

You are welcome @AyoShuga !, Yeah we held a conference at Yabatech on our last University tour. We would love to visit Usman dan Fodiyo university next year. Please can you drop your email address/phone number so i can reach out to discuss further on this?

My name is Ayoade Abeeb I get to know agricspuare through social media I will like to venture in processing of agricultural products especially the perishable ones


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Thanks in Anticipation.

Am Esther by name,an agricultural economies student in Adekunle Ajasin University Okungba Ondo StateI would like you to hold a conference in my school too

Welcome Onboard Esther! Good to have you here, kindly DM your phone number and email address.We would love to visit your School!

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Good write up. Am a snail farmer, it is not advisable to pick snails from the forest for intending farmers. It reduces d productivity and adjusting to New environment distort a lot of things in their system.
It is advisable to get your breeding stock from snail farmers…

And noteworthy is that it’s a good source of income but not a quick way