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@Itarich welcome on board


Welcome :clap:@Itarich You have come to the right place :wink:

Wow!! Nice… So glad you signed up… :blush: What area of agriculture are you interested in? Do you have a farm already?

Serious in terms of supplying to you or you supplying to them? @CheapMarketDeal and @Farmconcept can you help?

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Welcome on board @Rabiu_Dafaithful We have some already published articles on snail farming

I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Yaaaay! Welcome to Agricsquare @Sannimufutau…Here are articles that can help out

Feel free to reach out for more information …:slightly_smiling_face:

@borash @PreciousOkhimamheO what’s the terms of agreement and hope its real? We can help you with sales at a gold term. Hope you are real?


Bamidele Lawrence
Snail, poultry, and farmer

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My name is Achigbue Christian, tnx for having me here. I read about you on social media.

My name is Achigbue Christian and I read about you on social media.

Good day,I will definitely put a call to the farmer and from there see how we can work things out, definitely we will get partners fro the west.

Thank you for your involving acceptance message.
I am basically interested in the area of farm produce packaging and marketing.
looking forward to an eduacative relationship in this regard.
Thank you sir/ma.

best regards

Esther Amojo

I’m interested. I equally have palm oil for partnership.

Hello, nice to be part of this community. My name is ojoma. I am a regular reader of your post on facebook. I am interested aggregator of agricultural produce, information on aggregation
and suggestions of produce to look at will be appreciated.

I’m Florence. Thanks for adding me to this unique group.Got to know about this fantastic community on Facebook. I have great passion for Agriculture and want to know and explore more.

My name is Bonet Lucius, I got to know about Agricsquare on Facebook.
I’m raised by a farmer from North with no interest of farming while I was growing up,thinking farming is meant for the poor persons.
But as a grown up and a graduate who has recently retain the pride of his father as a farmer, I have choose to go agriculture production and cultivation of crops such rice, soya beans, beans, melon, plantain plantation including processing it into flour and vegetables using irrigation and also livestock farming such poultry piggery and fish farming(and fish processing into dry fish).
I may not be able to start all that I mentioned here at the same time but I have my chances which I will definitely have I start small while I keep thinking BIG.


Welcome :tada::tada: @idanre … Glad to have you here :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome :clap: @Dupaj you’ve come to the right place :grinning:

Welcome to agricsquare @Bonet_Lucius Good decision i must say, we’ll like to help you learn more on your interested topics and help you decide better. Here have some already published articles we can share

Read more…
Feel free to reach out for more information…:slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome @Cownet, @Achigbuextian, @Estheramojo, @Ignatius_Okoro, @Idanre, @Dupaj, and @Bonet_Lucius to Agricsquare :innocent::innocent:

Glad to have new members here on the community… It excites me every time. What’s been your experience so far?

For me… The best part of being in the community is the endless opportunities you get exposed to like advertising for free, updates on Funding, Amazing Agric articles, Jobs and many more…

What has been your best part being here?

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