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Hello @Everybody Welcome…, :star_struck::star_struck:

You’re welcome to the fastest growing Agricultural community in Africa… :blush:

Thank you so much for becoming a member of our community. We’re thrilled to have you on board and can’t wait to get to know more about you.

Also, we want to make sure you are taking full advantage of the membership opportunities made available to you after signing up:

  • First-hand knowledge of Grants, Funds, Competitions etc.
  • First-hand knowledge of scholarships for everyone especially Agric students.
  • Free Online marketplace to advertise and sell fresh farm produce.
  • Free and Paid Advert Opportunities on the community.
  • Farmers Advice Series with Agric Specialists Every 2nd & 3rd Friday Of the Month.
  • Access to Free and Paid Agric Events Happening in Nigeria
  • Networking opportunities ( DMs, Mentions etc)
  • Ability to create and publish personal articles,engage with others by commenting, liking and sharing posts across social media.

To help you get involved, I’ll share a few links I think would interest you.
Consider it a starter pack;

For more information and questions, please feel free to reach out to @techFarmer, @Okechukwu or send a mail to contact@agricsquare.com.

We had so many signups lately and we would love to meet Y’all. Comment with your name, the aspect of agriculture you are interested in and how you got to know about Agricsquare ( Totally optional)…
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My name is peter oluwajuwonlo I got to know agricsquare from agricconnect conference held at yaba tech epe campus.


Am ODUNLADE OLAREMILEKUN, a student of Yabatech, Agricultural extension and management hnd1, got to know about AgricSquare yesterday during our school Agric connect program.


Really??? Wow… Amazing.

Welcome to the hub… :hugs:

I guess you learnt alot from the event… Right?

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Yes, Yes, Yes… I can see your profile picture already…

What part of agriculture do you study or you would really love to know more about?

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Yeah, I learnt a lot, I was enlightened on opportunities in venturing into agric-business… KUDOS TO TEAM AGRICSQUARE


Thank you @remmylekun !. I would love to see your face on your profile. Do you mind updating your DP?

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I tried uploading my DP yesterday on the community website, not sure if it’s was successful


I guess its network issues. Can you kindly try again, we would love to see your face @remmylekun

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OK will try to upload it now

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Most welcome… How about sharing this amazing community with your friends on social media too? Just so non of them will say you were quiet about it… :joy::joy:

Below the post is the share button ( as seen below)…


My name is Mirian, I got to know Agricsquare from social media.


Oh wow… Welcome @ifeomagodwin75

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Good day, my name is Ifeta Love. I got to know about agricsquare through my mail box.i think is an educative programme.


My name is Felix Igo. I got to know about AgricSquare through email. I’m interested in knowing more about snail farming especially how to start one successfully. Thanks.


Oh definitely and we can assure you you would have a great time here.

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Oh wow!!! Really… You’re definitely in the right place…

Here’s a link to an article I think can help:

Be sure to read through and drop a comment… :grinning: