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We’re hiring GrowIT Entrepreneurs in Adamawa & Gombe States

The GrowIT Entrepreneurship Program by Meadow Foods aims at “Democratizing the future of farming” by bringing the farmers, input providers, buyers & sellers on to a common platform, to help farmers in getting the right products and services and also ease of doing business by reducing efforts and increasing profitability.

As a GrowIT Entrepreneur located in Gombe or Yola, you will be responsible for Farmer engagement, registration and advisory connecting them to input organizations and leveraging digital solutions to grow their business.

  • Do you have an understanding of the Agricultural ecosystem in your community?
  • Are you a community leader or influencer?
  • Do you have a network of Rice and Maize farmers?
  • Are you looking to earn extra income?

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At Meadow Foods, we aspire to solve global food problems by partnering with our local communities to create growth opportunities providing our customers with high quality raw and processed food whilst guaranteeing our investors with good returns on their investment.

We operate a hybrid model, whereas we aspire to be profitable, we are big on social impact.


Meadow Foods was founded as a child of necessity. Over the past decade, we had seen a continous increase in the price of staple foods such as rice, garri in Nigeria; even though there is an abundance of land resources, global hunger continues to rise steadily. Simply put food production was not matching population rise.

Living in Eket(where it all began), a small town surrounded by several rural communities, we saw an abundance of fertile land and rain and the big question became what we can do with these two valuable resources.

Small holder farmers represent the over 70% of farmers in Africa, however they are limited by funds to get the necessary farm inputs, they lack capacity for modern farming practices and they do not have the access to markets that gives them commensurate value for their product.


  • Farm Crowdy
  • Enterprise Development Center
  • Akwa Prime
  • OXFAM International