Using my Professional Skill to Make the Difference in Agriculture

I am Olufemi Adejumo, a registered Engineer and an agricpreneur.
My interest is on piggery,apiculture and snairy.

I am from the south-western part of Nigeria, Oyo state to precise. I obtained HND and PGD in Electrical/Electronics Engineering from the Polytechnic Ibadan and Federal University of Technology Akure. My passion for innovation and creativity with positive impact on teeming population of youths influenced my decision to join this group. My interest in agriculture has been tremendous and being the main motivation to try new things in AGRIC WORLD.
one of the few challenges I have encountered so far in agricbusiness is labour but on daily basis we tackle it with little pain .I am available anytime anyday for consultancy and networking.

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Good one :clap: @femijumo… Welcome to the community.

We have some already published articles on your interest that can guide

I hope this helps and feel free to reach out for any assistance. :wink:

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Thank you , no information is a waste. Hope to learn more.

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