Trial make perfection

The valour and advantages of agriculture is beyond one espectation,to engage into agricultural practice,does not means you must have much capital.With the little you have you can start,not necessery in commercial bases, but for subsistance,the products obtain from agriculture by either rearing of poultry or livestock or growing crops such as meat,eggs,fish,vegetables and grain etc are used or consumed by people almost every day depend on one capability to porchase.Therefor if to say one has engaged in producing one or more of such kind of products, he/she will used or consumed it at any time of his/her wish,without buying it from some body.Therefor his/her money will be save,and will be use for other purpose.
Let me give an example during Eid kabir(sallah festival) for muslim and Xmas festival for christain people do slaughter animals one or more like rams,sheeps,goat,cow and camel depend on one influence,and during these time of festivals the prices of animal do raise,a ram of 20,000 that you can buy befor the festival, but when it’s close to the festival you will buy it at 40,000 or more.But if to say you are rearing it your money are save.
If you have a garden at home and you grow even to say vegetables only, you will enjoy them for some days,if not all the days. Likewise when you grow crop like millet,beans,maize etc during raining season.
At this point i will call on you to get youself involve in agriculture practice for your own benefits.