Top 5 Agriculture Businesses in Nigeria

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Rice farming.
Rice farming is highly lucrative as the federal government has placed a ban on rice importation.
Rice has a ready market as the entire populace can not but consume rice.
Rice cultivation is carried out in lowland areas mostly, it requires adequate water supply and proper monitoring,water management, fertilizer application.

I was to start grasscutter farming, please who can be of help in this regards.

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A very educative article

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high quality cassava production for snacks making
cocoyam flour production for snacks making
sweet potato flour for snacks making
coconut oil production
plantain wine production

Hello @Kingo…Here is an article that can help

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I agree too. It is actually a very lucrative business.

Why? Are you a catfish farmer?

Thank you very much @bookola. The information came in handy

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The article is very enlightening

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Hi. I am interested pls. I will get across to you pls


Right? It is super interesting…

What is the best way to get involved with any of these businesses without leaving the city?

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Maize farming is also lucrative and with a nearby water-source can be done all year round. With a three month lifecycle, it’s quite lucrative but requires proper attention(like all things worth doing).

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The problem with cassava and it’s end product is that there is no much ROI (return on investment) even when you add value by the time you pay workers and pay produce in between states in attempt to market your product the profit is gone and one is discouraged.

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Can we contact you for issues that has to do with farm produce and exporting?

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Me too I need the same information possible on or 07015444995

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Good morning House. can someone please advise on how I can manually hatch my turkey eggs? The mother doesn’t appear to want to hatch them and I have 10 of them already. Many thanks

Hello @WealthPlus2, kindly check the article below for more guide:

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Hello @raymond_obiekwe, Have you read through some of the articles we have on fish farming yet?

Kindly go through them and let me know if they were helpful.