Top 5 Agriculture Businesses in Nigeria

The demand for agricultural products both in Nigeria and the world at large will always be on the high side because food is one of the basic needs of man. Thus, as an entrepreneur, you can key into this demand and set up an agro business, creating enormous wealth for yourself.

There are many reasons every young aspiring entrepreneur should look into agriculture. There are endless opportunities in agriculture and more people are starting to realize that, especially young people. Here are the five top agriculture businesses to look at:

Catfish Farming


Catfish is a unique type of fish rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids which helps in managing the human cholesterol levels.

The numerous health benefit of this species of fish makes its demand higher among health-conscious eaters especially people above the age of forty. Restaurants, fast food joints, hotels, food courts (shopping malls like Shoprite), local pepper soup joints, market women, secondary and tertiary institution of learning and offices are possible markets for any entrepreneur venturing into catfish farming in Nigeria.

The profitability of catfish farming depends on how much you are willing to invest as an entrepreneur.

Apart from catfish farming, you can also specialize on feeds for the fish. This is another lucrative aspect in the fish business. There are lots of articles on the internet about how to start catfish farming in Nigeria.

As I explained earlier, the best training you can get is by visiting a successful catfish farm and seeing things firsthand.

Agro based e-commerce site


E-commerce is clearly beginning to have a major impact in the agricultural sector. The way people go about purchasing agricultural products is of great concern. Most of the time customers have to travel far distances to get agricultural products and getting the right quality is not ensured.

Our project aims to help farmers as well as customers for buying and selling agricultural products across the country using a computerized approach.

The website will guide the farmers to access new farming techniques, compare current market rate of different products, the total sale and the earned profit for the sold products. The website builds a platform for farmers and agents to ensure greater profitability through direct farmer to farmer, farmer to agent and farmer to customer communication

Chicken and egg distribution business

This basically involves bridging the gap between poultry farmers and the consumer market. It is very lucrative and requires relatively little money to start-up.

You can focus only on chicken, eggs or both. You meet poultry farmers, buy their stock and resell them in the market to wholesalers and retailers. It does not need any special skills, only your marketing abilities and a working vehicle.

Agro-export Agent

Agro-produce exporters need agents who procure agriculture commodities from farmers. These agents know where the farmers and the process for exportation.

Nigeria’s export industry remains largely underutilized because we are still waking up from our oil-induced slumber and government is making every effort to promote economic diversification through non-oil exports.

This is a golden opportunity for the smart entrepreneur to key in and prosper. Yes, export business is very profitable and the earning potentials will only increase in the coming years.

Yam Flour Production


Most people prefer to prepare their pounded yam meal from yam flour instead of pounding cooked yams. The era where African men required their wives to pound yam every night for dinner is fast fading away.

This opens up another door for entrepreneurs to venture into the yam flour business. The scale for investment varies depending on available capital. A yam flour business is very simple to start.

At the smallest level, you need a capital of about N20,000 to buy raw yams in large measure. Slice the yams into tiny slices and leave under the sun to dry. After that, you take it to a grinding engine where it will be ground into flour. The next step is to package and sale for N200 per small pack.

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Thank you for this article… What is most Lucrative Agricultural business from the above businesses?

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Educative and informative write up there many thanks

You’re welcome @Hmdspringsff :slightly_smiling_face:


Piggery is also another aspect of agriculture whose prospects can’t be over emphasized. It’s not too cost intensive to start on a small scale and very lucrative. The return in investment within a year is superb.


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Let’s do business together


Purely educative and informative

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Thank you for this update on agricultural venture,I will like to venture into one of them atleast

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I must say this is an eye opener, thank you very much, this is what 20k can do for people., but please how is it package In N200 a pack.

Yellow and White Yoruba garri processing.
You can start as low as #20,000. From market or farm to frying.


Thanks for the insight. Is there anyway we can collect loan and start? Cus, I have one that I want to expand and and add like the cat fish

Hello @Jayson50 Read through the articles below

Let’s know if this was helpful…

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Good information. I’m a large scale Yam Farmer seeking patronage from major buyers. Can u link me up? Thanks.


Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:@Francis3…Kindly contact @CheapMarketDeal for more assistance.Thanks

I am a sales officer at one of the biggest farm here in Ibadan. We produce almost 7000 crates of eggs on a daily basis. The issue we have at hand is how to sell this product. Can you kindly connect me to a bulk buyer and distributors that can pick large volume with a discounted prices.
Terms and conditions allowed.
Thanks so much.
You can reach me on 08132296672.


how can one start exporting

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Plantain farming is another money spinner. Don’t forget to include snail farming.
Additionally, adding value to any of the ones mentioned above is also a great business.

You could choose to go into fish drying and packaging, cassava processing and many others.


Hello @Kenze, here are some articles to guide you on exporting businesses.


Good write up,the export agency thing can be tricky you know.