Tips to Start a Poultry Processing Plant Business in Nigeria

In Nigeria, poultry farming is not a new business anymore, and most farmers, entrepreneurs have channelled their resources into this area which is still a profitable one for that matter. But in most cases, there is a need for a poultry processing plant because while some persons might like buying poultry birds directly from the farms there are those who preferred an already and well-processed one.

But how can it be possible, if there is no poultry processing plant for that? That is why NOW is the best time to go into this kind of business because they are a source of food and as well are in high demand.

• Decide on how you want to go about it, draw your plans and make sure it suits your financial status. Know if you want to start a small or large scale processing plant but before this, you must make sure you have a poultry farm because that is where the birds to be processed will be coming from.


• Know that if you are considering the large-scale poultry processing plant that you will need industrialized and automated equipment for such business which will include killing and picking equipment, de-feathering equipment, evisceration, chilling machine or refrigerator. This is capital intensive though but anyone who wants to start small may not necessarily need all these.

• In this case, you must have a poultry farm because if not the business is not going to work because you can’t be buying all your birds, processing them and still expect to make a profit. Find a suitable place or location which can accommodate your poultry farm and the processing plant, it will give you the chance of taking care of your birds as well and earning extra cash while processing it which can be charged for a token of 300 - 500 Naira (or above) per chicken.

• In starting this kind of business, you don’t have to worry about who will buy it and those you will supply them as well, poultry business is lucrative and processing them also is even better because it will reduce the stress your customers in terms of slaughtering, processing and dressing them.

• Try to find fast-food chains, restaurants etc. that are in needs of poultry birds and also reach out to your customers concerning the new development; they will welcome the idea since it will make their work easier while you make your profit.

This kind of business need capital because you need to set up the necessary equipment and machines needed for such operation, but you should not be discouraged because you can as well gradually set it up from the proceeds or profits you get from your poultry sales. You will not only make money from the processing plants but can also sell your poultry birds to those who want live ones.

Source: Finelib