Tips on Starting a Herb Farm Business In Nigeria

Do you know that you can make lots of money by starting a herb farm business in Nigeria? What some people don’t know is that the word “herbs” does not only signify plants used for medicinal purposes but includes other plants as well as leaves which can serve a flavouring agent in foods and other culinary purposes.

Herbs are in high demand and increase day by day because of its medicinal and health benefits from alternative health practitioners to those in aromatherapy and more. Thereby, the best time to start this kind of business in Nigeria is now!

Are you interested in starting your own herb farm business, the below tips will be your guide:

• There are things to consider before starting this business, such things like what kinds of herbs are best in your location? What kinds of herbs are popular that people can easily go for? What are the purposes of those herbs and who should be your target market? Is there any new herb on the market that might complement your business? etc., you have to look into these things properly so that you can effectively venture into the right herb business.

• In farming of herbs, you may not need to buy or rent a land but that is if you have enough space at your backyard where you can conveniently grow such plants, this can be done either indoor or outdoor. But also consider the soil type which is essential for the effective growth of the herbs so that they can easily utilize the nutrients in the soil and grow well.

• If you are choosing the indoor method for farming herbs, you have to know what it entails as the method of growing it quite different from the outdoor method. In this case, you are required to plant the herbs in containers but make sure that they can get an easy access to sunlight for about 4-6 hours a day where they are placed. Also, make sure the temperature and humidity of the environment are normal for the plant as well.

• Outdoor farming of herbs requires you plant them in pots or containers as well, they can also be grown together especially in commercially herb farming but make sure that the borders or spaces between each type of herbs is clear or well notable so that you wouldn’t make the wrong choice or have difficulties in differentiating them when it is time for harvest.

• You can get your herb from online stores or better from any an experienced herb farm or specialist who can help you with the needed plant and a healthy one for that matter. Just like flower farms, herb farming requires organic fertilizers and manure which will help to boost the growth of the plant without harming it.

There are varieties of herbs to choose from in Nigeria which includes scent leaf, moringa plant, Camel’s foot, etc., whichever you choose make sure that there is a need for that so that you wouldn’t be looking for how to sell it. When you follow the steps just like the ones above you don’t even need to market your products because customers will be the ones that will come looking for you.

Source: Finelib