Tiger vermin prawns & exoctic fishing in nigeria

Giant Vermin Prawns caught from wild are special reserves of the IBAKA local communities in in Akwa-Ibom state.
The people and the environment are friendly hosting visiting clients and prospective buyers nearly all year round.Besides the Prawn we have exotic fishes fresh and smoked fishes and the dried Crayfish…Also we have crabs and lobsters (rarely sold),oysters and clams and periwinkles (processed and non processed) neatly packed meeting global foods standards.Please call to request or place your samples order…07033285854 or email: okon.james@gmail.com & traderstable.ng@gmail.com
We also have the reserve of SOLFish as the fishing capital in Nigeria.
And we are aware, knowledgeable of the needs for eating healthy and eating right for your blood type, we welcome you…
We have as nieghbours global corporate organizations present in our community,and whoe presently exporting there catch regularly and there are other private businesses and equity companies like our company Tosalex Global Services Ltd and JulianWhite Foods…
At JulianWhite Foods we are fast expanding our services to operate within major cities with cooling and storage room for handling direct and quick response supplies to all of our clients no matter there status and expectations…feel free to contact us for your wild-caught fresh and seafoods.