The impact of agriculture

When we talk about culture and social development in general, agriculture is the first priority. Any community that developed, when we take a look on that development, there’s no doubts it’s with agriculture it has got that development. This is why i value agriculture and also embrace it with a great concerned.
We have many students, some are doctors, lawyers, engineers, bankers and some civil servants, everyone is thinking of having office to hold, but he forgot with agriculture. If those doctors, lawyers, engineers, bankers and civil servants where to practice agriculture we will have alot of developments. This is why i decided to be a farmer, because it’s what we inherited and also found our grand fathers doing.
Agriculture is one of the major sector that our country rely with since before independence, but now we neglected it. If we abandon agriculture who will feed us in the future?, and therefor we must be seeking assistance from other countries as well as, we will dwelled in importing food abroad. But when we embrace agriculture it’s the other countries that will be getting food from us.
It was a wonder and a very surprised that before our country is playing a great role at the international market where it supply food stuffs, agricultural raw materials and economic products but now it’s left behind. after Knowing that the resources used by our country in mining the petroleum which we are now bragging with are obtained from agriculture. This is why the present government under the leadership of Muhammadu Buhari it gave a great priority in agricultural sector.
Nowadays there was developments in agriculture that one can choose to be rearing livestock, poultry, fish farming or growing of fruits, vegetables or cultivation of food crops. As there is availability organic fertilizers to improve the performance of crops, herbicide, insecticide,rodenticide and pesticide to protect our crops from their natural enemies.