The goldmine in dried fish production

Fish is one of the most important sources of food and income to many people in developing countries. The demand of fish globally and particularly in Nigeria has been on the increase with supplies not meeting up the demand. With an annual fish demand in Nigeria of about 2.66 million tonnes, and a paltry domestic production of about 780,000 tonnes, the demand supply gap stands at staggering 1.8 million tonnes which is the reason why Nigeria spends over N100billon on fish importation every year.

Fish is available in the market in different forms like fresh, frozen, canned, smoked or dried but the most popular remains Dried Fish which has a huge market both within and outside the African Continent making demand exceed supply. One of the major reasons demand is not meeting supply is the inadequate and unhygienic traditional methods of fish drying.

A modern fish drying equipment is the key to tapping into the potential of this huge market because it will allow you multiply production whilst being hygienic.


There are various styles of drying fish and it is always better to get skilled labour to carry out the process. Generally fish drying consists of the following steps-

  • Wash fish in clean water.
  • Prepare a salt-water brine
  • Place fish in brine for 15- 20 minutes whilst you start heating the Dryer.
  • Fold and place fish in Dryer.
  • Carry on smoking until fish is dry enough (average of 10-12 hours).
  • Store in a cool dry place


Before setting up a Dried Fish Processing Plant, it is important to research and acquire knowledge about the setting up, production and marketing process. We, at Okims Investments Limited have decades of experience in advising on the essentials of setting up your factory and selling your products. We have also developed advanced capacity in helping you document and communicate your idea or project through a bankable business plan/ feasibility report and we can further assist with your loan/grant application process. In addition, Okims has the capacity to expose your agricultural products to the local and international market by helping you identify your market, package your products and reach your buyers.

Our Beginners Manual

Okims Investment Limited has compiled a manual which would teach you the basics of setting up your factory. The information contained in this manual includes:

  1. How to locate and construct your factory
  2. Types and Sources of Raw Materials.
  3. Equipment Requirements and Processing Methods
  4. Identification of market potential for your Product.
  5. How to obtain NAFDAC Approval for your Product(Cost and Requirements)
  6. How to Export your Product etc.


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