The farmers desire

The hope and interest of any farmer is to make a bumper harvest at the end of a growing season,and this can only be possible by rendering a good management practice which involve weeding,fertilizer application and other cultural practice.But above all, is using of a good,healthy and improved seeds.
Some people failed to understand the different between the seed and grain.Seed is a planting material produce at the research institution by crop breeder basically for planting which are pure,tested and proved by it’s quality and distributed or sell to the farmers.While Grain is the product harvested and processed by the farmer.Eg of plant that produce grain are millet,corn,maize etc. Seed,mostly farmer do buy them at the market from agro-allied dealers or sometime government or agencies like IFADs,FADAMAIII and S.A.R.D.P in Nigeria distribute it to them. Those seeds are pure 100% or 99% ,improved and even dress with chemicals to prevent them from insect and pathogen attack as well as picking by the birds.That is why we sees them with colour,and that colour is chemical that was apply on them.Farmers do buy seeds,plant and harvest grains for cereal crops.The grains you harvested you either sell,consumed or feed animals,but i did not say you should not use them as your planting materials,or when you plant them they will not grow.No they will,but not as that of seeds why becouse grains is the output of seed,they will not be as pure as seed due to the interpearance of foreign materials that will be brought mostly by wind or insect and get involved during the Pollination at the field and lead to a genetic manupulation of the crops.

By: Shafiu Aminu.