The difference between a diet and a lifestyle change

‘Lifestyle change’ is the new buzzword but is it just a fancy way of saying ‘diet’?

Diets may help with temporary weight loss but are often unsustainable, with the dieter returning to their regular eating habit on attaining their goal. Diets focus on food intake, either reducing the amounts of food consumed or restricting certain types or groups of foods. Diets tend to be stringent and research shows that only 20 per cent of dieters manage to maintain their weight long-term.

In comparison, a lifestyle change is about healthy living and eating, sustainability and balance. The parameters of lifestyle changes are often self-defined and require a holistic assessment including food and our relationship with food, activity levels, sleep patterns and stress, all things that affect weight and health.

The key difference between a diet and a lifestyle change is self-care, not self-control.

Source: Evewoman

Know the difference now :wink:

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