The Alternative Agriculture Equipment Trade Show - Virtual Event

The UK’s Department for International Trade (UK DIT) in partnership with key agriculture sector stake holders from Nigeria, invite you to join us at the Alternative Agriculture Equipment Trade Show - a landmark virtual event which promises to be an exciting opportunity to access the UK’s most competitively-priced agricultural equipment on a digital platform.

A selection of UK Agriculture equipment sellers, re-sellers & manufacturing companies across the entire Agriculture value chain, will be showcasing their products, technology and services to all interested parties & stakeholders in the Nigeria agriculture sector.

In line with the Nigerian Government’s plans to mechanise the country’s agriculture sector, this trade show will promote affordable UK agricultural equipment in a first-of-its-kind interactive trade expo on an easy to access trade platform.

With overarching goals of increasing crop yield, capacity, creating wealth, reducing poverty and promoting bi-lateral collaborations in agriculture equipment and technology development, this is a must-attend event for anyone looking for affordable solutions in modernising their agricultural practice in Nigeria.

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