Technology in agriculture

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“There are promising new markets for farming technology in the developing world, which hold lots of underproductive agricultural land and the biggest potential for yield increases that could close the world’s sustainable food gap.”

With the global population estimated to exceed 9 billion by 2050, it is imperative that the agricultural industry is able to produce enough crop yields to sustainably feed everyone. This is a task that cannot be achieved without small-scale farmers, who despite owning approximately 87% of the global agricultural land, are often overlooked by some AgTech investors. This results in the continual inefficient use of land as well as reinforces barriers of economic development for farmers and surrounding rural communities. [$7phI5.p]
If we can invest in our small-scale farmers through actions such as enabling the use of innovative technology and help foster structural and rural transformations, we can create win-win situations that tackle the global food challenge and enable development in rural communities.

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