Sustainable cucumber cultivation

Cucumber is a vegetable fruit that can easily make one a millionaire but it requiresa step by step processes to achieve. First step is to get a viable seeds from a trusted source I recommend cucumber 999 because it produces large fruits and it’s not easily attacked by pest.
Second step is ur land preparation.make a bed of about 4m, land should be rich enough in nph I recommend poultry manure, cucumbers are heavy feeders and require a good fertile land.
3rd step: planting depth &planting space cumbers are planted in d a shallow depth and covered in soil to avoid been swept away by rain or picked by birds. Spacing should b about 0.5m apart…
Staking: after a month cucumber will develop long tendrils these tendrils are to be staked with ropes and bamboo sticks we stake them so that they will still gain enough sunlight for photosynthesis and to avoid them from creeping on the ground to avoid pest attack…
Weeding : regular weeding is very necessary as to reduce competition in d farmland.
Harvest : harvest is done in 3-4 months.


Wonderful write-up. Thanks so much for the insight. I am already into cucumber farming and I think I am on the right part.