Study: Maximizing Profit In Tomatoes Farming

Maximizing Profit In Tomatoes Farming.

A single seed of Tomato in a Greenhouse can yield upto 8-10 kgs(with good management) Typical examples are Roma F1 and UC18 amongst others, this is currently in greenhouses in Nigeria.

A single plant yields an average of 8Clusters, each cluster having an average of +10 fruits and each fruit with an average weight of 150-210g that means you will get 14.4kgs per single seed planted.

For definitely every 1000 successful seeds you definitely get almost 14400kgs or 14.4tons however it will certainly drop due to increase in population and other factors.

A Quick Calculation.

The average price for tomatoes is 300naira/kg multiplied by 14.4kgs per plant, which then means on every plant you are harvesting 4320. And for 1000 plants you then get a Gross income of +4.3m naira

Hence there are other cost in running the farm, ranging from water to fertilizer, which doesn’t cost more than 1m for 1,000 plants.

In greenhouse you can fully utilize the genetic potential of your seed.

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Please report subjected to constructive criticism, as it a conclusion of my personal studies in Plateau, Kano, Kaduna , Lagos. Using over ten veriety of tomatoes

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Can you base your research on sales by basket?
If I decide to sell my produce at the conventional market where a basket of tomatoes weighs about 40 - 50kg would this business/project still be a viable one?

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Depending on your targeted market and location