Strawberry Masterclass 2

Very few Nigerians know that strawberry can be grown in Nigeria, and not everyone know that this fruit can be grown all over the country.
Strawberry plants, unlike any other crop require between 30-35°c, which is the average weather temperature of most Nigerian cities.
The global output of strawberries has been on the rise, with the United States leading as the world largest producer, while Kenya the largest producer of the fruit in Africa.
Nigeria according to statistics available is the among the 20th highest importers of this fruit globally, with 250g going for as much as 3,000 naira in major supermarkets in Nigeria.

Over the years, we @cheapMarketDeal, have spent our time and resources carrying researches on ways of planting strawberries, and we have planted them in every state in Nigeria with success.
Due to our success, we have decided to pass on our knowledge at a reduced fee of 2,100 naira, as no valuable info is free in Life.

This training is poised to teach how to plant strawberries in your house, how take care of the plant, identify the different types of the plant, and how to make byproducts including sales.

We will also be teaching three business you could start with less than 100,000 naira.
You will receive free our eBook on strawberry business, and guild to food stuff business in Nigeria.
You will receive massive discounts, at the end of the class.

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Classes starts 2-5 Oct.'19, and hold 7-9pm daily.

Come learn how to make millions planting strawberries…

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