Strawberry Farming: The story So far in Nigeria


Many individuals are starting strawberry farming in Nigeria. The traditional maize and cassva type of farming is being replaced by more profitable and efficient ways that are aimed at providing both sustainability and profitability.
STRAWBERRIES have emerged as some of the sought after fruits in the Nigerian market, after apples, prompting many farmers to venture into the business and establish strawberry farms in Nigeria with the hopes of earning from it.
Normally, the safest way to farm is to concentrate on crops where the first market would be the farmer and his/her community. This way, a farmer is always assured of a place to sell his produce.
In recent years, Nigerian farmers have been reluctant to participate in strawberry farming stating that the
Nigerian strawberry farming industry is not very developed. However, farmers looking to venture into the practice should not worry anymore since they are greatly encouraged as there exists an even bigger market as long as quality standards are attained.

Another case is the case of belief, sequel to popular beliefs that it can only grow in Jos, but the truth is that strawberries can grow anywhere, needs little water, more sunlight, and can be done in cans. It takes four moths for first fruits, and it is very profitable.

Besides, the health benefits of strawberries cannot be silienced, from helping in stroke, to debetes, low sperm count, and ssx time, cancer, weight and hair loss etc. In children, vitamin C, survery is also prevented.

Strawberries don’t need much land, and can be planted in containers, and placed on the balcony of your house.
The video contains our hand work in the areas of strawberries in Nigeria, with mini gardens in Asaba, Portharcout, Lagos, Abeokuta, and Sango Ota.

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Remember, if you must farm, plant something unique, not just the traditional crops.


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