Strawberry Farming: The Next GoldMine In Agriculture

Strawberry Farming In Nigeria: The Next Gold Mine In Agriculture.

The global strawberry output as of twenty sixteen was ten million tones, and was valued at sixteen billion dollars, for the next three years, that figure has been increasing at a steady rate of five percent yearly.
The largest producer of strawberry in the world is the US( California). In Africa, the major producers are Kenya,a and South Africa, which export their berries to all part of Africa. In Nigeria, the fruit is farmed commercially in one one state, Plateau state, which is done through the use of crude items, which leaves chronic shortage of the fruit during off season. Also, the proximity of the supply of the the fruit to point of consumption (Lagos, Port Harcourt, Akure etc) makes it difficult as most fruit gets spoilt before they arrive where they are consumed.
Even when flying, airlines cancel their flight or delay it, which leaves shortage of the produce in the market, thus forcing Nigerians to import.

Another factor, being that Nigerians fail to realise that the fruit can be planted year-round, and in parts of the country,as the fruits favours warmer conditions to fruits not just the colder area.
There is a huge deficit in the supply of strawberry in the Nigerians market, and as such an opportunity for every Nigerian to key into (including students, as most strawberry farms in plateau state are run by students)

How does one get involved? Unlike Apple(wambugu), that take nine-twentyfour months to fruit, strawberry first harvest is guaranteed within the first four months.
Another factor being that strawberry does not require much space as Apple. An hecter accommodates sevntyfive thousand stands of the plant, using thirty by thirty spacing.
Furthermore, strawberries can be grown in house, because it can be potted(this is the best option as it requires little to no space to pot, as it can be done in ones balcony).
The harvest of strawberry is more than that of Apple, as fifty plants give five-ten kilograms weekly, and harvest is continuous.

Strawberries gives out runners, with one plant having the ability to asexually produce more than two runners(plant), which is the minimum, and produce splits at the year end( minimum which is four).

A Quick Calculation.

You plant fifty stands of strawberry, and it gives two runners(minimum), which equals hundred plants, plus your fifty plants gives one hundred fifty plants.
At the end of one year you get four splits each plants(minimum, some produce nine), fro each plant that is four multiplied by one hundred and fifty equals six hundred plants.
You see strawberry is the next goldmine, as you don’t need to buy need seedlings for the next year planting as it self providing.

What is the market share of Strawberry:
Averagely, apple weigh more than hundred grams, which is an average of hundred naira, but strawberry among major cities is very high, for example two hundred and fifty grams of the fruit is sold for two thousand in Akure. And various amount not less than one thousand seven hundred in various Nigerian cities for the same size.

Imagine selling yours for one thousand five hundred( to gain market share), multiplied by five kilograms weekly( minimum) equals seven thousand five hundred naira, multiplied by twenty weeks that is one hundred and fifty thousand naira.

The question is can strawberry be planted anywhere? Yes! And anytime.

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