Strawberry Farming: An Unexploited Area In Nigeria

Good day house, this afternoon I was talking to a friend from Kenya, and he said something, in 2008, the amount of foreign direct investment in Kenya agriculture was 10billion dollars, in 2018 it was 45billion dollars that is about 350% increase.

The point is simple agriculture is the new oil and everyone must partake. To those joining us and old members if you notice our lecture has seasons, there are times we teach farming other times we teach buying and selling.

Basically, the vision of @⁨cheapmarketdeal⁩ is to provide cheap and affordable agricultural and agro related services

I started with selling yam and after diversified in onions before going into farming. Cos I didn’t know about farming. It is important to note that what will save you on the rainy day is your investment, general farming is good but farming a scarce commodity like apple and strawberry is the in thing. Surprisingly, you can startup this farms with less than 50-100k and in your backyard.

Until you wake up to realise the wealth in agriculture you will never make it.

Lets take a look at strawberry for example, you can use it to make jams, drinks, herbs, flavours and most importantly strawberry flour.

This fruit is something that you can plant and requires little attention from you such as weekly weeding, weekly tendering and systematic application of water.

Majority of persons have their lands wasting, am not saying farming corn is bad, am saying farm something that people don’t believe can grow elsewhere.

Listen, the earlier we as individuals begin to invest in this opportunity the better for us, weekly as an individual I make 100+k from the sales of strawberry fruits alone, not to talk of sales of seedling, technical services and research result. We need to stop thinking agriculture as a way of life and start thinking of it as a business. I got serious with the growth of this fruits in Feb. 2018, and since then it has always been glory to glory.

One fantastic thing about strawberry is that it doesn’t not consume space to grow it actually grows like aloe vera so you see you can do it in the corner of your house.

Finally, the planting season has already started, and it is important to note that after April the demand for the seedlings will be high that the price will rise by 200-300%, why not invest in the business now and enjoy free technical support from our team?

With less than 50k your strawberry farm is established, with a minimum order of 50 seedlings at the rate of 600 naira, which equals 30k, and includes delivery charges, you could earn between 300-600k in the next 20 weeks. The option is yours to decide.

I am David Ezeonyekwere, founder CheapMarketDeal.


Hello sir, got interested in this and would like to know more.

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Pls send your contact number or WhatsApp number. I am interested in strawberries farming.Are you in Nigeria? How can I get the seeds?

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08134700705, your location we send to anywhere in Nigeria

I am interested in the strawberry farming. My WhatsApp number is 09077279888

I am interested in this sir, can you explain the planting process, where the seeds can be gotten, and the market. My number is 08061355861

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I am interested in the strawberry farming. My WhatsApp number is 08088813593
Kindly shed more light on the strawberry farming and other info that is required to have a successful process