Strawberry Business In Nigeria: Cost Analysis

Good evening house. Tonight we @CheapMarketDeal will be showing a business that you can start with less than 50,000 naira.
Nigeria has the capacity to be the major grower of this crop but sadly this sector of agriculture has been neglected, few persons giving hope to the remaining farmers.
On the 5th of January 2018, I was opportune to visit Vom in Plateau state, due to certain factors I travelled to “chacha” a suburb of Vom, there I saw strawberry farm on a commercial scale for the first time in my life.
Strawberry is gotten only commercially from this town in Nigeria, but the JOS plateau has the capacity to grow this crop.

Factors To Consider In Strawberry Business.
Startup Capital
Durability Of the Produce

After considering the above factors it is important to nots that their are different ways of trading on strawberry. This includes

Direct Sales
Conversion (strawberry juice/

After considering the above factors it is import to note how to locate this produce.

Quick Analysis Of How Much It Cost To Start A Strawberry Business In Nigeria Using Lagos As Focus.

During Season(1 kg) 800-1000 using 1000
During Non-season 1,200-1,800
Using 1600

Transport From Lagos To Chacha

Lagos to Jos----------6000
Including cost from JOS to Chacha.

Let’s say you are buying 30kg
Logistics ----1,000

Transport (to) 6000
(Fro). 6000
Feeding( won’t take more than 3 day). 3000
Total---------50,000 naira.

As you can see the you can actually start strawberry business with 50,000.

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