Still on Castor Farming

Little did people know the importance of castor seed…permit me to say the usefulness of castor is beyond what you know and research is still on going. TAG A CASTOR LOVER

There’s plenty gist, yes, first because this is perfect time to start castor farming and secondly because we are forming a community.
Castor bean is so important

The reason why paints are glossy is castor.

The cars we drive glows, thanks to castor( talking about the paint)

The shinny woodwork and furniture in you house. Castor is the secret.

Basically, anything that has a shinny finishing has Castor oil in it.

Aviations company depend on Castor oil to fly.

Electricity generating Companies need castor oil…unfortunately our Electricity company in Nigeria import castor oil for their transformers.

Presently a lot of Castor is being imported from India and china .

The world consumption is high and production is too low, especially in Nigeria.

A normal Castor is a 7 year plant, if well managed…
(Although there are seeds that produce higher yield per hectare, which are planted and last for just one harvest)

If you plant castor on 2½ acres of land (1 hectare). You get 1 Ton every 5months for 7 years. (Depending on your practice)

With improved seeds you can cultivate between 1-2Tons per hectare with proper agronomy.

It starts producing as from d 5month after planting.

It only needs 4 rain, or watering to survive

The major challenge is that we don’t have good castor seed in Nigeria but we have the best land for castor plant.

It is very highly toxic which makes it poisonous, so it keeps at bay cattle’s and other animals.

Amazingly, animals know and recognise it better than humans.
Goats, cattle and birds don’t go close.

This makes it totally safe.

Its seeds live in pods.

It grows in almost every part of Nigeria, even in the north where we have less rain falls and desert area.

Yobe and jigawa state spent over 25 billion in the last 5 years planting castor alone to fight deserts , surprisingly our few factories producing castor oil are still less than 5 % production capacity for shortage of castor bean.
Give me a call or whatapps me if you are interested In going into Castor farming this season…There is still much time to plant and harvest…08036585123