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The Brazilian or Indian white:
It has numerous uses compare to the Indian brown,

  1. It is edible, some people cook it and consume it as food,
  2. people use it as ogiri here in Nigeria
  3. we can extract Oil from it
  4. The oil content in it ranges between 25 - 30%
  5. The recommended spacing for planting is 3m by 3m which will give you about 1,666 plants per hectare
  6. The cost of 1 pack isN15,000 which will plant 1 Hectare conveniently and it will remain some for replanting of those that didn’t germinate because in a pack is about 2000 seeds inside it.
  7. The germination rate is 90%.
  8. It is of high demand in the local market because of its edibility.


  1. It is not edible
  2. It is mostly for industrial use
  3. The practical spacing for it is 2m by 2m which will give you 2,500 plants per hectare
  4. The oil content in it is about 40 - 60%. It is highly intoxicating
  5. Some people put it in drinks like coke, palm wine to get themselves intoxicated
  6. The price is #25,000 per pack of which 90% of it will germinate and a pack will plant an Hectare conveniently
  7. It is of high demand from industries because of the high Oil content in it.

There’s plenty gist, yes, first because this is perfect time to start castor farming and secondly because we are forming a community.
Castor bean is so important

The reason why paints are glossy is castor.

The cars we drive glows, thanks to castor( talking about the paint)

The shinny woodwork and furniture in you house. Castor is the secret.

Basically, anything that has a shinny finishing has Castor oil in it.

Aviations company depend on Castor oil to fly.

Electricity generating Companies need castor oil…unfortunately our Electricity company in Nigeria import castor oil for their transformers.

Presently a lot of Castor is being imported from India and china .

The world consumption is high and production is too low, especially in Nigeria.

A normal Castor is a 7 year plant, if well managed…
(Although there are seeds that produce higher yield per hectare, which are planted and last for just one harvest)

If you plant castor on 2½ acres of land (1 hectare). You get 1 Ton every 5months for 7 years. (Depending on your practice)

With improved seeds you can cultivate between 1-2Tons per hectare with proper agronomy.

It starts producing as from d 5month after planting.

It only needs 4 rain, or watering to survive

The major challenge is that we don’t have good castor seed in Nigeria but we have the best land for castor plant.

It is very highly toxic which makes it poisonous, so it keeps at bay cattle’s and other animals.

Amazingly, animals know and recognise it better than humans.
Goats, cattle and birds don’t go close.

This makes it totally safe.

Its seeds live in pods.

It grows in almost every part of Nigeria, even in the north where we have less rain falls and desert area.

Yobe and jigawa state spent over 25 billion in the last 5 years planting castor alone to fight deserts , surprisingly our few factories producing castor oil are still less than 5 % production capacity for shortage of castor bean.

1)GCH 07: its an annual Castor seeds, which means you will harvest it once in a year, the yield can be up to 3 to 4 tons.

  1. India’s Dwarf: its a perennial Castor seeds that lasted for 2 to 3 years, the yield is 1 tone at first harvest, second harvest will be 2 tons or more.

  2. Indian brown: its a perennial Castor seeds that can last for 5 to 7 years, the yield will not up to 1 ton at first harvest but at second harvest it will more than 1 ton that is how it will be increasing till you get up to 3 to 4 tons per harvest

  3. Brazilian or Indian white: its also a perennial Castor seeds that can lasted for 7 years even more but is advisable to cut it and replant when its 7 years, yield, just like Indian brown
    Please feel fee to contact us at Hi5 Agric Consult limited for your castor high breeds and planning of your farm at 08036585123 WhatsApp and voice call any time of the day…Wishing you all the best…Happy Farming.

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Where can Castor seeds be purchased for farming?

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