Still on Castor Farmin

Please call for your seed to plant
08036585123…You are still in better time to plant and still harvest this year.
Castor plant is one of the most rugged crop and it’s an economy trees too…the chance to harvest it for 15 times …
First in the first year due when you started.
Then the second you harvest in 2 times in a year for another 7 years.
Mind you ,you have to cater for of the crop as regards maintenance and watching over it during rain and dry season.
Prevent fire by weeding always and spray insecticide and fungicides as preventive not curative.

Quite attractive but marketability is the issue. How do we surmount problem associated with market.

Please kindly get in touch with as that is not problem at all.08036585123

We at Hi5 Agric Consult limited do offtake too…so there is no cause for alarm as regards market