Starting a Coffee Shop Business in Nigeria

How to Open a Coffee Shop in Nigeria

Coffee is beverage made from bean or seed of tropical shrub. People drink coffee more during cold season and for other purposes. This business can be very lucrative in the richer neighbourhood in major cities in Nigeria if properly run well.

It is generally believed that coffee is consumed by people who either want to lose weight or want to study for exams as it was established that coffee, when taken, enhances the working of the brain by promoting retentive memory, but having a coffee shop involve more than this belief.

This is a simple business that one can start with small capital but generate enough profit on a daily basis as long as people continue to patronize your coffee shop.

Opening a coffee shop may sound simple but can be challenging especially to persons who just come into the business without proper orientation. Anyone who lacks business idea but invested in this business stands the risk of losing money invested in this business. For the benefit of people who will like to invest in this business, the directives herein will be of great help.

Establish your shop

The first thing to do when planning to open coffee shop is to look for a nice location where your business can thrive. Note that locating your coffee shop in an environment where people who are extremely rich lives will affect the business positively since they will use as a part of public relaxation and to schedule a meeting point. Don’t establish your coffee shop around low-income vicinities either. It would be wise to establish your coffee shop where at least middle-income earners live. This is because they know the value of such beverage and will definitely patronize you.

Furnish your shop

An average Nigerian believes on dwelling in a neat environment no matter the cost. Therefore, you need to beautify your shop with things like marble, P.O.P ceiling, fan or air conditioner, quality paint, artworks and other things. Also, plant flowers around so as to add colour to the environment. Remember to buy befitting tables and chairs that admirable so that customers can relax while patronizing you.

Purchase modern equipment

Nothing makes a business successful like the packaging. Sincere there may be local coffee shops in your neighbourhood; you need to distinguish your coffee shop with the equipment used in the business. Buy things like electric kettle and stove, blender, cooker, expensive jug, cup, plates, spoons etc. Any customer served with these expensive utensils in a serene environment will likely not argue the price of your services.

Purchase food items

You need to purchase quality food items so that customers who took coffee in your shop will have reason to repeat back. Nothing scares customers away like paying for inferior products and services.

Employ workers

Employ educated, experienced and well-mannered workers who know how to approach customers. Ensure you give them an orientation on how to address customers bearing in mind that people have an individual difference.

Advertise your coffee shop

When you must have put everything on the ground, find a medium to advertise your coffee shop. You can do that by inviting people for an opening of your coffee shop. Distributing fliers and pasting posters, listing your coffee shop with an online business directory such as and so on.

Operating coffee shop in Nigeria is a good business that yields sufficient income for any person who carefully adopted a modern approach in the business. Nigerians interested in this business should work out a niche that will distinguish their shop from that of local competitors.