Sourcing for your castor seeds

Good seeds and seedlings are strong prerequisite for a good harvest. Beyond the general practice of cultivating your land, fertilizer application and good weeding practices, the kind of seeds or seedlings planted will play a huge role in the kind and quantity of yield to be expected.

This is true of all seeds but very key for Castor seeds as this is the major concern for all off takers and will definitely determine who will buy from you, what price they will buy, the duration of planting and the quantity of yield to expect.

In sourcing for your Castor seeds, consider the following:

:white_check_mark: OIL CONTENT: The major reason why we are growing Castor seeds is to be able to extract it’s Oil for the many industrial uses. The Oil content of Castor seeds varies significantly from one to another. There are seeds with less than 30% Oil content while there are those with up to about 50% Oil Content. More research is still ongoing to get more oil content from Castor seeds.

:white_check_mark: YIELD PER HECTARES : The variety of Castor seeds you want to plant will also determine the expected yield after harvest. There are Castor seeds varieties that produces between 500kg to 700kg per hectares, while there are those who produces up to 4tonnes per hectare. This is no magic or rocket science, it’s the variety at play.

:white_check_mark: OTHER USAGE: Beyond the need for Oil, the fibre content of Castor can also be used for many other purposes such as for fertilizers after undergoing some processes. If your offtaker is interested in this aspect of it’s usage then the variety to plant will differ from an off taker who is mainly interested in the extraction of the Oil.
:white_check_mark: OFF TAKER’S DEMAND: It is no news that there are thousands of varieties out there but what is of Paramount importance to you is the variety your offtake is interested in buying.

In order not to bother yourself with the “chemistry” and “physics” of any particular variety, just find out from your off taker what they would want and go for it. It is the reason why most off takers sell out their seeds to their farmers.

In all, the expected Oil content, other usage and yield will determine how much you will buy the seeds and how much an Off taker is willing to buy from you after harvest.

My advice: If you are not sure of what kind of seeds you are planting, let your offtaker help out with the seeds after all they will be the one to buy from you after harvest. So be sure they will offer you the kind of Castor seeds variety they prefer to process.

This will save you from disappointments after harvest.

Wish you all the best *Great Farmers

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