Soil and it's nutrients

Most of the soil that are rich in nuterient look dark due to the present of decomposed organic matter and mineral elements.
But some people however adopt the culture of depositing a burnt soil in to their farm beleiving it’s rich soil and good for growing crops, which is not. The burnt soil i mean here is that, a soil of a place or point where refuse and other wast materials are burnt, the soil of that perticular place or point will be burnt and become black due to the heat which may lead the soil to loss it’s nutrient and organic matter,kill the micro organism in it and also distroy some if not all of it’s physical properties.In a nutshell, make the soil barren. But due to lack of awerness some people have the culture of packing that soil and be depositing it into their farm land which it is not advisable to do such an act.

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