Smallholder Farmers and Drone Technology

Eyes in the Blue Sky. Smart-tech for African Agriculture.

What will an agriculture monitoring Tosin’s farm mean for Tosin and her farm business? In my informed opinion it would mean optimized farming operations, increased crop/ livestock production, and unparralled monitoring of livestock/crop growth.

Throughout #africa, small holder farmers’ yields are far below what #farmers achieve in other parts of the world. Among the reasons for this disparity is that, in addition to a lack of inputs and mechanization, most African #smallholderfarmers have not been trained to use advanced agricultural practices.

It may sound counterintuitive to propose a solution as technologically advanced as #drones to address such an issue, but drones have the potential to change the way even small farmers run their farms

What needs to be done ?

  1. Sensitization of farmers on the need to explore #digitaltechnology for Agriculture.

  2. Connect smallholder farmers to drones devices / manufacturers at lower cost

  3. Train smallholder farmers on the usage of different types of drone devices .

What other ways can be explored to connect smallholder farmers to drone #technology?

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Drone Africa EYESEE an inventory drone solution FAO IFC - International Finance Corporation

Source: Linda I.A Obi - Business Leader (G&E, Farmcrowdy Foods)