Show-Off-Your-Farm Contest!

Have you got a farm and you would want to show it off to the world while contesting for huge Agri-business opportunities?

The procedure to participate is simple:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Show-off your farm by publishing a video or graphic content on the show-off-your farm category with an accompanying write-up on ‘What you’ve done differently on your farm”.
  3. Keep your writing within the range of 100 – 500 words.
  4. Get people to like and share your post on the community.

Criteria for Selection

  1. Simplicity, clarity, creativity, and accuracy of writing.
  2. Engagement ( comments, shares, likes on your post on the community,).

What’s there to win?

  1. Get exclusive Agriculture consulting.
  2. 3 months Free Marketing of your Farm/produce.
  3. Feature in Nigeria’s Premium Agriculture magazine.

Deadline: 30 January 2019
The aim of the “Show-Off-Your-Farm” campaign is to have an overview of the interesting things people do on their farms and also drive the engagement of youths in agriculture and in the same vein showcase any ongoing agro-innovation.

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