#RecipeFriday: Nigerian Fish Stew

Some spicy fish stew for your Friday/Saturday jollification… @Everybody Can you feel it?

Nigerian fresh fish stew is a healthy Nigerian stew that is cooked with fresh fish, tomatoes, peppers and spices. It is a great substitute for the Beef and chicken stew especially if you are watching your weight and also on a low calorie diet.

I love this fish stew because, you can prepare it with any type of fresh fish you have, although in Lagos state, most people prefer to cook with the Obokun fish (tilapia) or Catfish, but any fish will do just fine.

The Nigerian Fish stew is enjoyed with most staple Nigerian food, such as, boiled rice, boiled yams, boiled and fried plantains, beans recipes and a lot more. It is not unusual to see people add the fish stew to Nigerian soups or even take fufu meals with the fish stew in place of soup.
Well, Here’s the recipe,Enjoy!
If you like watching videos, here’s the recipe for the Nigerian Fresh fish stew, showing you step by step, how to cook it :slightly_smiling_face:

Ingredients for Nigerian Fresh Fish Stew
– 1kg Fresh Tomatoes or canned tomato puree( the watery type )
– 100g Tinned tomato paste( the smallest De Rica brand thick tomato paste (optional)
– 1 litre Vegetable Oil( read recipe to see how to re-use the oil )
– 300g Fresh fish(any fresh fresh fish will do)
– 2 OR 3 medium bulbs Onions
– 5 Habanero Pepper ( atarodo )
– 2 stock cubes
– Thyme and curry (1 teaspoon each)
– Salt to taste


Cooking directions

  • First blend the tomatoes, peppers and onions. If you are making use of the thick tomato paste, simply dilute it a bit in little water and set aside.

  • Pour the blended tomatoes into a pot and let it boil until the consistency is thicker and the excess water is dried up.

*In another pot, add the cleaned cut fresh fish ,add a little water, thyme, curry ,1 stock cube and salt to taste.Parboil for 2 minutes , this helps to toughen the skin of the fish and get the fish tasty.You can also marinate the fish with these spices overnight or for about 1 hour, if you’ll rather not parboil the fish.After 2 minutes, take out the fish from the pot and reserve the liquid( fish stock ).

  • Now, heat up the vegetable oil, add some onions( optional, because the blended tomatoes already has onions ). Add the dried tomatoes, the diluted tinned tomatoes( derica ) and fry for about 25 minutes or until the tomato loses it’s sour taste. Stir constantly to prevent burning at the bottom.

*Add the fish stock and cook for 10 minutes.

*Next, add the parboiled fish, stock cube and salt to taste. Cover and leave to simmer until the fish is properly cooked. Now the Nigerian Fish Stew is ready.Enjoy.

*** When the stew cools down a bit, scoop out the excess oil, pour into a bottle and preserve in the fridge. This fish stew oil, can be used for Nigerian soups, stew, beans recipes and yam recipes too.

The Nigerian Fish Stew is used for eating Boiled rice, boiled and fried yams, plantain recipes and beans recipes. Enjoy!


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The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage. Psalm 16:6

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